LAST CHANCE: There Are Only A Few Days Left To Grab Tickets To Brisbane’s Disney+ Drive-In

There’s something about drive-in cinemas that give me an entirely different vibe than your standard cinema venture.

Perhaps it’s because I associate the drive-in with a time before I was born, where people would rock up to the screening in their cool ’60s Fords wearing rollerskates for some reason and discussing this new butter that’s like butter but not.

Well, now everyone can experience a bygone era with the Disney+ Drive-In presented by Openair Cinemas, where you can rock up with your mates/dates/pets in your newer Fords – sans rollerskates – and watch all of your fave Disney, Pixar, Marvel and Star Wars flicks in the comfort of your own car.

Tickets are now on sale for the Disney+ Drive-In in Brisbane, with tickets soon to be announced for Sydney and Melbourne.

Have a squiz at the Brisbane line-up below:

Northshore Riverfront Event Space, Hamilton, Brisbane: 17th Sept – 18th Oct


Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker
The Mighty Ducks
Cool Runnings
Beauty and the Beast (Animated)
Aladdin (Live Action) w/ captions
Monsters Inc
Guardians of the Galaxy
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story
Edward Scissorhands
Hocus Pocus
The Lion King (Live Action)
Beauty and the Beast (Live Action)
Moana (sing-Along)
The Little Mermaid (Sing-Along)

Bankwest Stadium, Parramatta, Sydney: 22nd Oct – 15th Nov


Melbourne (Location TBC)


Sydney is slated for an October kick-off so keep an eye out for a ticket announcement, and we’ll keep you updated on Melbourne’s dates as soon as they’ve been locked in.

For tickets, screening times of the movies you have your eyes on (all of ’em) and more info, head to Openair Cinema’s website and start booking your drive-in dates.

I for one plan on taking my niece to multiple sing-a-long sessions and if she can’t make it, then so be it – she’ll probably interrupt me when I’m trying to crush the high notes anyway.

Thanks to our partnering sponsors for helping to bring this magical experience to life; Disney+, Volkswagen & SEEK.