Did Seth Green Just Pick a Booger out of His Nose and Eat It Live on Conan?

Celebrities have so many valuable lessons to teach us. Yesterday, we learned that rich and famous actors enjoy a sneaky bit of porn, just like gross, disgusting regular folks! Today, thanks to Seth Green, we now know that rich and famous actors like to mine their nostrils for tasty golden nuggets, just like gross, disgusting regular folks!

This fact arose during an otherwise uneventful interview on last Wednesday night’s Conan. Green was on the show to share some of his embarrassing childhood photos, but an eagle-eyed Reddit user noticed something amiss in the clip. While we can’t say for sure that Seth Green picked his nose and ate a booger on TV, the evidence is all right there. 
The action starts in the above video at 0:05, but for an exhaustive play-by-play analysis, let’s turn our attention to the screen grabs.

Here we see Seth pull the old ‘Gee Whiz, My Nose Is Itchy’ maneuver, during which he extracts what we can only assume is a low-hanging booger.  

With his tasty surprise successfully extracted, Seth doubles down with a brazen ‘Nothin’ To See Here’, lowering his right hand and rubbing his fingers together to work the chunk of snot into a manageable ball shape.

The crucial moment comes at 0:09, with a classic act of misdirection, as Seth attempts to confuse and distract observers by touching the tips of his fingers together, covertly transferring the booger from one hand to the other.


… and then, while Conan’s still distracted, it’s payday! Yum yum! Just take a look at this smug fucker! Look how pleased he is with himself! Look at him about to wolf that booger down, thinking he just got away with the whole thing!

Not on our watch, buddy! 

via Reddit
Photo: Frederick M. Brown via Getty Images