Ryan Reynolds dedicated 10 years of his life – or 3,650 days – to getting Deadpool made, so you’d hope / pray to the Marvel gods for a solid return on investment.

He’d be doing a victory dance right about now, after the movie officially claimed the title of highest-grossing R-rated film ever from The Matrix Reloaded after its decade-long run at the top.

The adventures of The Merc With The Mouth has so far raked in $746 million dollars worldwide, putting it *just* ahead of Keanu Reeves‘ last movie (where are you, Keanu?), which pulled $742 million globally after its 2003 release.

‘Deadpool’ Just Made History, So Here’s Ryan Reynolds On Nicking The Suit

^^^ Sad Keanu is sad again 🙁

Even before he knew Deadpool was going to be box office gold, Reynolds told PEDESTRIAN.TV ain’t no way he was ever going to wrap the movie without taking home one his character’s custom-made suits.

He told us he had one erected – in statue form – at the house he shares with wifey Blake Lively, which scares his dog on a regular basis.

He also told us that thing was a complete bitch to get into.

“That suit is genuine engineering – the thing was engineered to my body, so it was a remarkable thing to try to get on each day,” he said. “The first couple of weeks it was about 45 minutes to get it on completely, and that took 3 people, by the end though I had it down to 20 minutes alone.” 

Check the full interview:

Bit of discomfort for a LOT of chimichangas.