Ryan Reynolds Celebrates ‘Infinity War’ Weekend W/ Deadpool’s Rejection Letter

After the blockbuster opening weekend that Avengers: Infinity War just blitzed through, Ryan Reynolds – who plays the most smartass Marvel character, Deadpool – congratulated the Avengers team for their successes in an extremely Deadpool way.

Reynolds posted a picture on his Twitter of a rejection letter that Deadpool received from Tony Stark/Iron Man, knocking back his request to join the band.

The coffee-stained (and blood? who knows) correspondence from the desk of Tony Stark is a very direct and flat NO to Deadpool’s request to join the Avengers, which explains his absence in Infinity War – he wasn’t under house arrest like [REDACTED] and [REDACTED], he just straight up wasn’t invited to help save the world from Thanos.

Points for trying though, I believe it’ll probably get a point where Stark/Avengers reluctantly have to get in contact with Deadpool to help save the universe. Especially considering it’s Marvel comics canon that Deadpool and Rocket Raccoon team up.

Give it time.