David Schwimmer Does A Ross, Pours Cold Water On The ‘Friends’ Reunion

For a brief, beautiful 24 hours or so, we were basking in the warm glow of the news that the cast of Friends would be reuniting as part of a one-off TV special to honour sitcom director James Burrows.
Since then, however, it’s been nothing but disappointment, with Matthew Perry revealing that he will not be attending, as he will be in London performing a play, and will likely only appear in a pre-taped segment. 
As if that wasn’t bad enough, David Schwimmer has just stepped in to pour further cold water on the Friends reunion we were all totally hoping for, calling speculation on the matter “completely inaccurate.”
At a TCA panel for his upcoming American Crime Story: The People V O.J. Simpson, Schwimmer said:

“I mean, in no way is it a Friends reunion when one member is out of the country. But look, it’s a great event. We all love James Burrows and I’m sure Matthew Perry would be there if he could, but he’s working in London. Maybe one day there will be [a reunion], but this will not be it. 
Look, I think it’s lovely. I love that people are that into the show and I would love to see the six of us together and I’m sure one day we will be.”
Lowering our expectations further, he told reporters that he barely even knows what’s happening on the night, saying:
“You know, I have no idea what’s expected of us. I’m flying in that day so I’m just showing up.”
So yeah, you’ll be seeing the Friends cast in some capacity or other on February 21, when the James Burrows tribute special airs, but maybe don’t hold your breath for that full-scale reunion that had us all so hyped.
Can anyone name their favourite Friend?
Story: People
Photo: Imeh Akpanudosen / Getty