The ‘Friends’ Cast Were Totally Hooking Up, According To David Schwimmer

The much-talked about reunion of the Friends cast has finally happened, and while their appearance on an NBC tribute show to James Burrows received mixed reviews, host Andy Cohen did manage to pull at least one f’kn amazing moment out of the whole deal.
Five of the original cast showed up – minus Matthew Perry, which is classic Chandler – and Cohen delved into rumours about the existence of a “no sex” clause in the Friends’ contracts, which prevented them from hooking up.
Lisa Kudrow denied that such a thing ever existed, but David Schwimmer jokingly said “well, that was broken”, which, by Hollywood gossip standards, is an admission that the cast were totally, 100% doing it between takes.
This now opens a Pandora’s box of questions about who exactly was hooking up with whom. TBH, as long as it wasn’t Ross and Monica – a mental image we’re sorry we just shared with you – we’re fine with whatever combo of Friends you’ve got.
FWIW, during the reunion, Jennifer Aniston said that her favourite moments on the show were the flash-backs to fat Monica, which is classic Rachel. You can watch footage of the segment below:
Source: Bustle.

Photo: NBC / Getty Images.