David Harbour Is Coming To Australia This Year To Prove The Upside-Down Is Actually Adelaide

David Harbour - Jim Hopper - Supanova

Stranger Things fans better keep an eye out for cheap flights to Adelaide and Brisbane because Stranger Things’ David Harbour is coming to Supanova.

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Harbour, who plays the tough but loveable Jim Hopper in Netflix’s hit series Stranger Things is making the trip to Australia for Supanova Comic Con & Gaming Convention in early November 2019. Huge, I know.

Adelaide, the city that misses out on every exciting live entertainment event ever, is finally getting something other than ridiculous food combinations like FruChocs or another church. Harbour is making a special one-day-only appearance at the event, where he’ll be signing autographs, meeting fans and participating in a Q&A on November 2.

Hopper is also chucking a sneaky trip up north to Brisbane the following weekend for a two-day appearance at the event.

If you’ve got a spare 90 bucks (not including entry price) you can even get a photo with Jim Hopper.

Apart from his famous role as Hopper in Stranger Things, Harbour has also starred in the recent Hellboy remake and is set to be in the latest MCU film, Black Widow. So he’s kind of a big deal. Put simply, David Harbour has achieved more this year than I have in my whole 21 years on this planet.

If David Harbour isn’t good enough for you, John Travolta will also be there if he’s the one that you want (he is the one you want, oo-oo-oo, honey).

You can pick up a single day pass for $37.50, or splurge on the weekend pass for $65. If you live in Adelaide, I guarantee you there’s nothing else interesting happening until February next year when the Fringe Festival comes back to town. Just do it.

Maybe after a visit to Adelaide, Hopkins won’t seem so fucked up.