Dami Im Reveals She’s Pregnant And My Heart Couldn’t Beat At The Sound Of Silence Any Harder

dami im pregnant

Aussie icon and Eurovision singer Dami Im has revealed she’s pregnant with her first child shared with husband Noah Kim. You absolute bloody beaut.

The former X-Factor contestant, who let’s be real was ROBBED at Eurovision 2016, shared the fab news on her Instagram this morning with a pair of photos of her ultrasound.

“I got a gig booked in Brisbane for May 2022 at the maternity ward,” she joked in the caption.

The Celebrity Masterchef contestant shares her soon-to-be newborn with her husband Kim, who she has been with for over a decade (LOVE). In a repost of her Insta announcement, the father of her child added: “I am going to be a father. Life is full of surprises.”

Literally, could they be any cuter together? I mean, the award for most wholesome celebrity couple goes to…

“Now my heart awakes to the sound of silence. And it beats to the sound of silence.” – the baby in the womb while Dami is trying to sleep for the next nine or so months, probably.

Over in the comments, Dami’s famous friends have sent some cute celebratory reactions her way.

“Aww congratulations,” replied Dani Minogue.

“Yes, so excited,” said Natalie Bassingwaighte.

“So happy for you both, congratulations,” added Anthony Callea.

The pair got hitched in Seoul in 2012. In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Dami said that throughout her rise to fame since appearing on X-Factor, her social worker partner has helped keep her grounded.

“We got married a year before the whole talent show thing, so he’s been there with me through all of it,” she said.

“It’s really good to have him there, he understands everything I’ve been through and goes through the changes with me.

“Even though I’m the one in the spotlight he has been there with me.”

Dami first publicly hinted at the idea of wanting a family in an interview with Nova back in 2014.

The Korean-Australian singer represented Down Under in Eurovision 2016 in Sweden. Despite her absolute banging vocals and performance singing “Sound of Silence”, she didn’t win the competition, which is quite possibly the biggest robbery in Australian pop culture history (there, I said it).

Anyway, congrats Dami and Noah, you absolute legends.