‘Strayan Belter Dami Im Legit Hits 2nd Best Odds For Eurovision Glory

After categorically proving you don’t even need to be in the Northern Hemisphere to have a red-hot crack at the Eurovision Song Contest, bookies have predicted Australia’s own Dami Im has a chance to win the whole bloody thing.

Im absolutely belted out ‘Straya’s second (and maybe best) ever tune* Sound Of Silence during Friday’s semi-final, copping a fair amount of praise from our counterparts abroad. Seriously Dami, fair crack of the whip: 

That straight-up stunner drummed up so much support, betting agencies reckon only Russia’s Sergey Lazarev has a better shot at the greatest prize of all:

For what it’s worth, Australia’s votes in the semis – yes, we get to vote now, how bloody grand – were split between Austria and Malta. Even then, Ira Losco’s 90s-channeling smaltz only pops up at #7 on the odds chart.

Of course, since this is Eurovision, it’s absolutely pointless to rely on petty things like statistics. We all know the real winners are determined by a sparkling mix of magic, luck, and deeply-rooted geopolitical norms that bubble to the surface of a cheesy talent show. 

ANYWAY. If you want to see Greece vote for Cyprus, and Cypus vote for Greece Dami make off with the title like an absolute bandit, you can check this whole deal out on SBS from 5am tomorrow. 

And you better. You never know what you could miss.

*Yeah, we know Guy Sebastian slayed it last year, and Jessica Mauboy crushed it too – but that was an exhibition match, essentially. Dami’s the real deal this time around, and we still can’t even believe this is happening.

Source: SBS
Photo: Michael Campanella / Getty.