The concept of being thrust into instant fame sounds exhausting at any age, but wow: becoming one of the most recognisable faces in show business after only just cracking a double-digit age would be a hard slog. Millie Bobby Brown appears to back up that concept. 

Brown, best known as the inveterate waffle fiend / uber-child from Stranger Things, has used an Instagram video to explain why she pulled out of Florida’s Collective Con hours before her scheduled appearance.

The de facto face of Netflix told her 3.2 million followers (!!!) “I’ve never had to do one of these videos before, but I have had to cancel a comic con last minute, which is something I’ve never done and something I’m never planning on doing again.”

The gun explained her continued role in the show’s second season impacted her ability to make an appearance, saying “I think I’ve just worked too hard and I have to rest as I’ve had a really long shoot and I’m still filming Stranger Things.

“I’m sorry to everyone who was going and I promise you guys I’m going to get back to you. I love all you guys and thank you so much for your continued support.”


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Fair enough, tbh.

Fortunately, the Con’s organisers and attendees were conscious of the fact this particular 13-year-old seems to have an unimaginable workload.


Stranger Things is set to return to your rectangular screen of choice on October 31 this year. In all likelihood, you can expect to see the young’uns – including Bobby Brown – taking an extended recess at some point around then.

Source: Millie Bobby Brown / Instagram.
Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty.