The Hottest 100 is currently in full swing – you can keep track of the countdown with our very own post right here  – but if you’re a masochist who really wants to kill the party, may we suggest checking out the Coldest 100 instead.

Compiled by the twitter account Australian Kitsch and billed as “the nation’s ghastliest musical countdown”, the list takes an unnecessary look back at the worst of the past few decades, and the most cringe-worthy performances of classic Aussie tunes.

Topping the Coldest 100 is Alan Jones, whose 2010 rendition of ‘Love Changes Everything‘ is a journey to some truly baffling areas:

From there, we have a variety of tunes best left in the past, like the Miss USA contestants’ performance of Kylie’s ‘I Should Be So Lucky‘, a fever dream of big hair and puffy shoulders:

One of the more recent entries is the Mazenod College Percussion Ensemble’s performance of ‘Highway To Hell‘, which actually slaps pretty hard if you ask em, but to each their own:

Kochie‘s deranged rendition of Midnight Oil‘s ‘US Forces‘ made it in to the countdown at Number 49, and he himself copped that one on the chin, replying to say that the band threatened to charge him with murder after it went to air.

You can check out the full list now on the Australian Kitsch Twitter. Go ahead and ruin your day if you want, we can’t stop you.