Melbourne, You’ve Officially Survived Your Coldest July In 20 Years


While the mercury will barely reach past double digits in Victoria’s capital today, make no mistake: today, August 1, marks the beginning of warmer times, and the end of Melbourne’s [officially] coldest July in 20 years. 

Bureau of Meteorology data claims temperatures in Melbourne in the past month were consistently a full degree below the monthly average; the average top temperature was only 13.3 degrees. And beyond that, Melbourne also clocked its coldest winter morning in 18 years last month, when Melbourne’s CBD reached just 0.6 degrees in the early hours of July 19. 

In other words, July fucking sucked.

Senior weather bureau forecaster Richard Carlyon told ABC that Melbourne has seen few “spring-like days” develop, and also claimed the bitter wind chill accompanying some July days made official temperatures unrepresentative of what was truly felt. 

While there’s still a solid month of winter to slog through, a pleasant summer may not be a reality – 2015 is pitted to be a year of extremes in terms of seasonal temperatures, as climate scientists have predicted this year to be the hottest on record.

In Australia, this follows neatly on recent trends – where 2013 was officially the nation’s hottest year on record, followed by 2014 trumping those figures a year later.  

Next week might look pretty grim, Melbourne, but by now, you’ve got this. 

via ABC.