Clancy Lost His Clothes But Won Georgia’s Love On Tonight’s ‘Bachelorette’

The Bachelorette‘ is vastly superior to ‘The Bachelor‘ in so many ways: Georgia Love is about a thousand times more interesting and funny than Richie (Richie, if you’re reading this, you’re still a really nice guy and your body is amazing), and all the dudes are so jacked up on testosterone and competition that there’s like a 20% chance a fistfight could break out at anytime – perfect entertainment.
Things are starting to get exciting now as the group of prospective life partners is dwindling down to only those who fall into what astrophysicists call the “Goldilocks zone“: not so bookish that they are shy and awkward, but not so assertive and jocky as to be a total bro.
Unfortunately, this means we lost Aaron, who viewers might remember as one half of the gentle romance that emerged in the very first episode. While he and Rhys hit it off, it sure seems like he and Georgia did not – which, unfortunately for him, is the actual point of the show. 
I’m sure they’ll have a beer together when they are both eventually free from the high security compound in which the program is filmed (I’m not actually sure if that’s how the show is filmed, but that just feels right, y’know?). Regardless, RIP Aaron: you’re misquoting ‘Star Wars‘ in heaven now.
You might also remember Clancy from the first episode, when he rocked up with not only a beautiful beard but also an electric razor, for Georgia to use to shave it off. It was definitely memorable, which I guess is the point, and luckily for both us and him, it turns out he was hiding a gorgeous face under that beard.
He made an impact again (note how I didn’t say “splash”, because that’s what your dad would do), taking very seriously a quite-possibly-not-at-all-serious offer from Courtney that the first person to jump in the pool would get a spot on the next group date. With barely a moment’s hesitation he leapt into the pool, suit and all, apparently destroying some not very cheap equipment:

$5000 mics and transmitters? One each per contestant? And our taxpayer dollars pay for this?!? I am receiving word that no, no they do not. That’s fine then.
In lieu of the absolutely lovely suit he was previously wearing and then summarily probably destroyed, he was forced to do the rose ceremony in a comfy looking robe, which stood out just a little bit.

Clancy might have a name that makes him sound like someone from 1920s America, but he’s certainly a brave man, and it paid off: not only did he get a spot on the group date, but he’s got himself a damn rose. Nice work, mate.
Photo: Channel 10.