WATCH: Sam Frost Tells ‘Bachelorette’ 2.0 To Make Mental Health A Priority

A moment that Aussie reality TV fans were waiting for happened today: the new Bachelorette was announced. The woman’s name is Georgia Love, and she’s a news presenter from Tassie

But it didn’t happen, err… elegantly? It turned out to be a bit of a shitshow. New Idea leaked it and ruined the show’s big reveal, so they announced it super early in the morning on their Facebook page after everyone already knew. 
ANYWAY! On Rove & Sam this morning, Rove McManus obviously asked former Bachelorette Sam Frost for her thoughts on the new girl. 
Sam said she was, first and foremost, surprised they didn’t ‘follow the formula’. By which she means, choosing one of the runners-up of a previous season as the new Bachelorette (like how Richie was a runner-up last year and is the new Bachelor this year).
Secondly, she gives the new Bachelorette the advice to “look after her mental health”. Now, this might seem quite innocent, BUT HAVE Y’ALL EVEN WATCHED ‘UNREAL’? BECAUSE APPARENTLY THERE’S SOME CRAZY SHIT THAT HAPPENS BEHIND THE SCENES ON THESE SHOWS.
Sam: “I think the best thing, the thing I also said to Richie when I caught up with him at the Logies, [was] look after your mental well-being, because no one else does. And no one else has your best interest except you. There are lots of people in your ear…”

Rove: “Literally in your ear, as you’re doing things? They have one of those little earpiece things?”

Sam: “Literally in your ear. Only for the rose ceremonies. You’ve got so many people saying ‘do this, do this or whatever whatever’ and you’ve just gotta go ‘uhh, holla back my friend’, and just follow your intuition and look after yourself mentally.”

Sam did, however, say that despite her skepticism over these kinds of reality shows, she says she believes that Georgia Love can indeed find her namesake on the show.
Source: Rove & Sam.