WATCH: 1st ‘Bachelorette’ Teaser Deffo Isn’t Shy About Georgia Love’s Name

Well damn, Australia: your newest Bachelorette already appears to be perfect for the gig, down to her actual bloody name. 

In the just-released promo for the series’ latest incarnation, former journo Georgia Love already seems totally capable of sashaying her way through the usual scenarios – frolicking in the autumn foliage, clutching a rose, flashing a demure smile, what have you.

She also proves herself capable of literally carting around the weight of her surname. That will come in handy later, we’re sure of it.
While that’s all well and good, we’re holding onto the hope her background in the media will also result in some inquisitive dates. None of this glass-of-wine-and-a-pash routine we’ve become accustomed to from Richie. We want to know the new blokes better than they know themselves.

It’ll be a lil’ while before then, though. Richie’s jawline and the human that hangs off it are yet to finalise the love of their life, but you can check out what we’re in for while he lives happily ever after below:

Source and photo: The Bachelorette Australia / Twitter.