Chrissy Teigen Fills Judge Judy’s Sass Shoes In Trailer For New Series ‘Chrissy’s Court’

This is ostensibly an article informing you that the new trailers for Chrissy’s Court, a new streaming show in the style of Judge Judy, have emerged online. If you’re new to the concept, you can can probably infer all you need to know from the show’s title — TV personality and all-around internet presence Chrissy Teigen stars as a judgy version of herself and delivers verdicts on all manner of small-time beefs. Her mum, Pepper Thai, serves as the show’s bailiff. Fun.

You can go ahead and watch the clips below, before the show’s premiere on new streaming service Quibi (!?) on April 6. I won’t stop you. But, I would also like to pivot this here article to discussing Judy Sheindlin herself. Did you know Forbes estimates she has a net worth of US$440 million (AU$726 million)? The 77-year-old has reportedly earned a cool US$47 million (AU$77.5 million) a year since 2012 as part of her deal with US network CBS, proving the enormous interest in Judge Judy and its presence on daytime television. God knows I spent a few sick days watching her sass dumb-dumbs who said a dog was barking too loudly, or whatever.

Whether Teigen can parlay her new show into that kind of cold hard cash is yet to be seen. May her presence on Quibi, which bills itself as a purveyor of bite-sized streaming content, provide some kind of comfort to bored kids and stressed parents in the middle of the day (and may Quibi eventually launch in the Australian market). Anyway, catch the trailers below: