Here’s An Extremely Cute Luna Refusing To Wish Chrissy Teigen Happy Mother’s Day

We all know Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are the ultimate mum and dad. Honestly? I would like them to adopt my adult self. Because then the extremely excellent Luna would be my sister, and she’s clearly growing up to be a complete legend (sorry) with primo levels of personality.

Chrissy uploaded her Mother’s Day post this morning, and it involved a ridiculously adorable Luna delivering her a gift. Except when she’s prompted to repeat the ‘Happy Mother’s Day’ she apparently said softly on approach, she flat out refuses.

The best bit (as Chrissy also notes) is the hectic blank stare Luna throws. It’s like she’s mentally fallen into an abyss/seen some SHIT, folks.

“I see dead people”

Frankly if our entire social media feeds were completely flooded with this family, we wouldn’t be sad in the slightest.