Your imaginary internet best friend – that’s Chrissy, duh – took to Instagram this morning to announce she’s growing baby #2 in her belly in the most Chrissy Teigen way possible.

She posted a video asking Luna – who was crawling around near her belly – “What’s in here?”

Luna replies: “Baby!”

Obviously we’re all a little bit madly in love with Luna, but the true Chrissy Teigen moment comes in her pretend-surprise caption, “It’s John’s!”

That’s John Legend, of course.

it's john's!

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John also shared the same video to Twitter, with a caption of two lil’ babies and two hearts. AWWWWW YOU GUYS.

Chrissy has been incredibly open about her struggles to get pregnant, eventually using IVF to conceive Luna. She announced earlier this year that she and John would be attempting to conceive with the third (and final) embryo, having already had one not take.

“The first little girl didn’t work, and then the second is Luna,” she explained to InStyle.

This baby is going to be a boy, and we’re honestly stoked for this couple we don’t even know. CONGRATS!

hay place. a place for hay.

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IMPORTANT UPDATE: You need to see what John commented on Chrissy’s Instagram, the one where she claimed the baby was his:

john legend

I assume Maury is their doctor. It sounds like a doctor name.

Elsewhere, I love this couple utterly and wish for them to adopt me at their earliest possible convenience. Ta.

FURTHER IMPORTANT UPDATE: Thank you to the commenters who have pointed out that ‘Maury’ is Maury Povich, a.k.a. an American television presenter who does gotcha-style paternity tests. Deepest apologies for not being aware of what is undoubtably quality television. I’ll be firing myself immediately.

FURTHER FURTHER IMPORTANT UPDATE: I’ve been mercilessly roasted by my colleagues for this. I’d like to take this time to say you should always ask for help, and that also I work with jerks who all knew who Maury was, and didn’t tell me.

Image: Instagram / Chrissy Teigen