Chris Rock Under Fire For Lamar Odom “Coke And Hookers” Joke

Well, someone had to crack the first Lamar Odom joke, following the basketball star’s brush with death in a Nevada brothel, and that someone turned out to be Chris Rock.
Yesterday, the comedian and 2016 Oscars host Tweeted the sage observation that Lamar is the first man in history whose marriage was actually saved by coke and hookers.
Odom was unconscious for nearly 72 hours after being discovered at the Love Ranch brothel, having taken cocaine and herbal Viagra. Estranged wife Khloe Karashian rushed to his side, and later withdrew her pending divorce filing.  
While, to be honest, we LOL’d at Rock’s dad joke, the internet was less than amused, with Twitter users piling on to Rock to call out his joke as disappointing, “cold-blooded” and “fucked up”, and some crying “too soon.”

His mentions quickly filled up with things like this:

Back in 2001, Gilbert Gottfried made the mother of all “too soon” jokes when he made light of the 9/11 attacks just three weeks after they happened, at the Comedy Central roast of Hugh Hefner.
A few members of the audience cried foul, but Gottfried pushed on through, telling what may be one of the filthiest jokes our tender ears have ever heard, and cracking the crowd up in the process. 
If Gilbert Gottfried can survive that, Chris Rock can definitely survive this.
via Uproxx
Photo via Getty Images Handout