A Clip Of Chris Pine Taking The Piss In An Aus Interview Resurfaced & DWD Has Nothing On This

Amidst the never ending wellspring of gossip about Don’t Worry Darling and its continual nightmare of a press tour — hello Chris Pine‘s blonde bob — perhaps the wildest was the allegation that Harry Styles spat on Pine at the Venice Film Festival. Hot. Now, of all people, radio hosts Ryan ‘Fitzy’ Fitzgerald and Michael ‘Wippa’ Wipfli have weighed into the spit-uation with their own tale of Chris Pine’s antics.

Despite Pine’s rep denying claims that Styles spat on his lap (again, hot) — which was surely a low point in that PR person’s career — it’s obviously the celebrity drama that’s stopped the nation.

On the Fitzy & Wippa show, Fitzy said he thought the whole thing might’ve been an “ongoing joke” between Styles and Pine.

Then he unleashed a wild tale about a 2013 interview the radio duo did with Chris Pine and Zachary Quinto back when they were promoting the Star Trek movie. Which, BTW, is severely underrated.

“Chris Pine — I think he’s a great actor, I don’t know if he likes promoting movies though,” he said.

“I do remember as we were… going in to do the junket, I could hear them [Pine and Quinto] whispering.

“They were talking about this ‘Wordsmith Challenge’ basically to see how many complex words they can get into the interview.”

The resulting interview saw Pine and Quinto drop in words like superfluous, mercurial and statuesque (a bit rogue but not completely out of the ordinary), recalcitrant and milieu (excellent but Googleable) plus propinquity and euphonious (honestly WTF).

It’s a great interview to listen to before playing a game of Scrabble though.

“It actually sounded like ‘let’s play a game of who sounds like an entitled wanker’,” Fitzy said. Maybe a touch harsh there.

I feel like this behaviour is quite wanky but also, I imagine you’d get so bored during press rounds that you’d definitely want to play some sort of game. Enrichment for the enclosure, etc.

Just perhaps not one that doubles as an impromptu vocab lesson for your unwilling interviewer. Regardless, it’s still better than the Don’t Worry Darling press tour.