Chris Pine Chopped Off His Harry Styles Phlegm-Infused Hair & I’d Like To Purchase Every Lock

Pining for Chris Pine and his luscious locks? Look, same.

But unfortunately his glorious golden strands are now on the floor of some overpriced barbershop because the bloke just got a haircut.

If you are said overpriced barber, please DM me ‘cos I’d love to purchase every last lock of hair from you.

Not only is Chris highly desirable in and of himself, but his hair likely contains traces of Harry Styles‘ phlegm from that time he may or may not have spat at the Don’t Worry Darling world premiere. Which makes every last strand invaluable and possibly containing healing properties.

Ah, what a time that was. We truly have not and will never recover from the abject batshittery of the Don’t Worry Darling press tour…

But anywho! Back to the matter at hand.

Chris Pine debuted his new ‘do while co-hosting the 2022 Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Gala alongside his dad (BLESS!).

His hair is not only much shorter now, but the colour has also changed.

He’s gone from a mix of blonde and brunette to a salt and pepper daddy vibe.

Check it out:

Chris Pine looks daddy AF

Chris Pine really went from “I’ll have your daughter home by 8” to “Your daughter calls me daddy, too.” (Credit: Getty)

So why the massive change?

My guess is that he wanted a total facelift after the absolute embarrassment that was the Don’t Worry Darling shitstorm.

As fun as it was for us normies to watch as chaos ensued while stuffing our faces with popcorn, ya just know that each and every person involved wants to move on with their lives and pretend nothing ever happened.

Fair enough, tbh.