You can now add giant man Chris Hemsworth to the list of celebrities who have taken part in a most sacred and beloved tourist ritual – the quokka selfie.

Hemsworth, who is back home on a tour across Australia with his family and friends, shared a number of adorable pictures from his adventure.

“Got my first quokka selfie this week at @rottnestislandwa,” Hemsworth wrote on Instagram. “Epic little creatures are all over the island just cruisin’ through the day doin’ their thing. Get there and check it out!” 

In a separate video, the Thor actor filmed himself with Rocket‘s distant cousin sharing a bit of a treat.

As Hemsworth wrote, he now goes by the name of Quokkachris. 

WA Today reports the Hemsworth family were invited on the trip Down Under by Tourism Australia who put together a whole itinerary for them.

The actor, or rather #ThorWatch, has made quite a few headlines over the past few days. Just yesterday, the ABC shared some BREAKING NEWS in which Hemsworth and ol’ mate Matt Damon dropped in for a Four’n Twenty meat pie at a local BP. 

Starstruck, Illi Lam told the ABC she and her coworkers “kind of just stood there and acted cool.” 

You can catch Hemsworth in his forthcoming flick, Avengers: Endgame. 

The highly-anticipated film will fly into cinemas April 26. 

Image: Instagram / Chris Hemsworth