Turns Out Your Dads Chris Hemsworth And Chris Pratt Were Partying In Sydney This Weekend

Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pratt

If you thought you spied a couple of Hollywood dads out in Sydney this weekend, then you weren’t just seeing things – Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt were both out partying with the Thor: Love and Thunder cast.

It seems like the pandemic has seen half of Hollywood relocate to Australia, where it’s still relatively safe to film, and the Taika Waititi-directed Marvel movie is due to kick off next week, with it stars recently emerging from quarantine.

Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt, who play Thor and Star-Lord respectively, partied in a private area above the Nobu restaurant at the Crown hotel complex. They were seen sharing an “animated conversation” and bringing it in for a hug.

Waititi was there, along with the rest of the cast, and they reportedly partied on until around midnight.

Pratt recently flew into Australia on a private jet, along with co-stars Dave Bautista and Karen Gillan, and the trio recently completed their 14 days of mandatory quarantine. The day after the party, he was seen out and about in Sydney playing a round of golf.

The Star-Lord actor recently let slip that he’d be joining the cast of Love and Thunder during an interview with Tom Holland, saying of Australia:

“I’m excited to go a country that took the lockdown very serious and eradicated the disease and now they’re fully up and back to normal. ‘That’ll be so good there and to go to like a restaurant.”

Matt Damon also arrived in Australia recently to shoot a part in the film, but the extent of his involvement is unknown.