Chris Hemsworth Hinted At His ‘Wariness’ Of Sydneysiders Flocking To His Native Byron & LOL Soz

Our king Chris Hemsworth graces (yes, I said GRACES) the cover of the comeback issue of Men’s Health Australia, looking as divine as ever.

In the cover interview, the actor discusses his hometown of Byron Bay, which has recently been flooded by tourists, enraging the loyal locals.

The magazine notes the actor’s apparent “wariness” of visitors flocking to Byron, as are the rest of the locals.

The mag reads:

“Of course, there are worse places to be locked down than Byron Bay. And like a good local, Hemsworth was wary of the influx of visitors escaping Sydney last year. At the same time, he can understand the appeal as well as the environmental payoffs of decentralisation.”

The publication then quotes Chris Hemsworth directly as having said: “Maybe that’s what it forces us to do, just spread out a little and not live on top of each other so much. And be a bit more self-sufficient and consume more local produce. It would be a huge positive if that was the by-product of this experience.”

Back in December, Chris Hemsworth told The Australian Financial Review that not only was he aware of the influx of Hollywood stars visiting his native Byron, but he can also totally understand why folks are fanging to check it out.

“The weather is fantastic, and we’re very hidden away. I always knew I loved it here, of course, but this year has really solidified that for me,” Hemsworth said.

The actor, who has been filming Thor: Love & Thunder in Sydney, reckons international celebs have cottoned on to the fact that the Aussie lifestyle is, for lack of a better term, a vibe and a half.

“People love Australia and they know how much talent is here, and what a diverse landscape for shooting we have,” he said.

Couldn’t agree more, mate. Couldn’t agree more.