Nicole Kidman’s New Series Is Reportedly Causing Huge Traffic Jams & Byron Locals Are Pissed

Byron Bay locals have lost their chill about a new series being filmed in their town which is causing ‘yuge traffic jams.

Several angry residents have written to celeb gossip Instagram Deux Moi to bitch about Nicole Kidman’s new series Nine Perfect Strangers wreaking havoc on local traffic.

“Everyone knows Byron Bay is one of the most beautiful places in Australia, but since COVID hit, it seems to be the new celebrity hotspot,” one person wrote.

“It’s a small town, but traffic is so bad due to roadworks AND Nicole Kidman and Melissa McCarthy’s new series shutting off an alternative route to get into town.

“Productions over the area have also taken over A LOT of rentals. People are mad about the celebrity takeover.”

Another pissed off resident sent in a letter titled ‘Justice for Byron Bay’.

“I’ve lived in this area my whole life. It’s completely changed because of celebrities! The wannabe influencers in Sydney and Melbourne all sold their homes to move here – Natalie Portman is here too and they’re trying to build a huge filming studio for them but we don’t have the infrastructure to support all the people moving.

“Everyone I know can no longer afford to live here and won’t be able to buy houses in the areas they’ve grown up in and you can’t get yours kids into any schools.”

They concluded, “Zac Efron, Jacob Elordi etc all buy houses here because they love the vibes but the vibes are gone.”

Daily Mail Australia recently published a piece claiming that the locals are unhappy about their town becoming a celebrity hotspot.

The report revealed that gyms are no longer able to accept new clients due to over capacity, wait times for beauty and hair salons have grown exponentially, and restaurant walk-ins are pretty much impossible.

The report also confirmed that traffic has gone bonkers, with a taxi driver telling them that phone lines often have to be turned off due to an extremely high volume of calls.

Locals say there’s only a handful of Uber drivers in the area, resulting in delays and inflated fares.

Big, big yikes.