Charlie Sheen, he of #tigerblood and #winning notoriety, is set to star opposite loveable moustachioed indie stalwart Jason Schwartzman in the first film written and directed by the latter’s cousin Roman Coppola: brother of Sofia, son of Francis Ford.

The project, titled ‘A Glimpse Inside the Mind of Charlie Swan III’ will be Sheen’s first project since being ousted from ‘Two and a Half Men.’ In a case of life imitating art – or is it vice versa? – the plot bears a striking resemblance to Sheen’s real life melodrama; although, if Roman’s aesthetic is anything like his sister’s, it’ll be infinitely better looking than Sheen’s presumably is.

‘Glimpse’ tells the tale of a once successful graphic designer whose fame and fortune are jeopardised when his girlfriend breaks up with him. Sound familiar? No news yet on whether Twitter will play a highly-publicised supporting role in Swan’s downward spiral.

Showblitz also reports that Sheen has recently cut a deal with Lionsgate TV Producer Joe Roth to develop a show based on Adam Sandler’s 2003 comedy ‘Anger Management.’ Which one was that again? The one with the rich, illiterate golfer who moonlights as a water boy for an amnesiac with a remote? Schwartzman too comes fresh off the back of Wes Anderson’s latest venture, ‘Moonrise Kingdom.‘ I know which one I’d rather see.

Via Showblitz