Trailer: ‘A Glimpse Into The Mind’ of Roman Coppola, Bill Murray & Charlie Sheen

Earlier this week we caught a glimpse of the first stills from the set of Roman Coppola’s new film – wonderful Bill Murray as John Wayne stills that now pale in comparison to the moving images accompanied by sound that feature prominently in their role as the first trailer for the second carriage on Charlie Sheen’s comeback train – ‘A Glimpse Into The Mind of Charles Swan III.

Surprisingly enough, for a vehicle starring Sheen a lot introspection is required of his character and the film, which reads like a thinly-veiled Roman a clef (see what I did there?) steeped in a heady throwback vibe and featuring a cast that includes marquee stars Murray and Jason Schwartzman alongside deadpan darling Aubrey Plaza, Patricia Arquette and Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Despite an underwhelming early review or two, this looks like it could possibly be fun; Secret Society of Ball Busters and all things considered. As the trailer touts, “There’s always hope.”

A Glimpse Into The Mind of Charles Swan III in cinemas early 2013.