Update: Watch Scott Dooley’s Interview With Charlie Sheen

Let’s talk media coups for a minute here guys because last night Nova radio host Scott Dooley managed to interview train wreck du jour and possible crazy person, Charlie Sheen. In the dude’s house. Say what?

Execs at Nova’s parent company DMG must be engorged with so much tiger blood right now. “Dools” flew to LA this week with designs to secure an interview but managed instead to nab an invite to Sheen’s Sober Valley Lodge where he conducted a three hour chat with the embattled star and enabler of so much terrible online misogyny. Said Dools: “I’m not sure whether it was my good looks or how annoying I’ve been camped outside his house, but it’s a bit of a spin out Charlie’s answered the door”.

We’re spinning out too, dude! With testament to his immense “bro down” skills, Dools returned to Casa de Sheen for a second time today armed with military outfits, camouflage paint and a video camera for some short film/secret mission action. Nice one Dools you weirdo.

The Video has now been made available by Radar Online and shows a relaxed Sheen suggesting that the world has been had. Joaquin Phoenix style.

Listen to the interview here. Check out Dools’ running twitter commentary below…