That Gossip Girl reboot just got a million times better because Chace Crawford is keen to do a cameo.

Yes. Nate Archibald, the most beautiful man on the Upper East Side is interested in coming back to the show if the opportunity arises. Quick, somebody make a call to the show’s producers. Let’s make. This. Happen.

“If there’s an opening in the future for doing a cameo, I would definitely be open to it,” the actor told August Man. “The show was a big part of my life and was really special. I loved everyone on it, from the cast to the crew. We were a real family.”

Chace is currently working on a new Amazon series The Boys, which is his “priority” at the moment. But that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t do a GG reboot.

In a recent Andy Cohen interview in August Chace joked that he could “come back and play a father or something.” *insert daddy joke here*

In the interview with August Man, Crawford discussed the show at length, and how much he enjoyed filming from 2007 to 2012.

“I was in my early 20s, so it was like an elongated, pumped-up ‘college’ experience with New York City as our oyster. It was a really fun time,” Crawford reminisced his days on the show.

However, he also revealed that he’s not the same Nate Archibald that once waltzed his way through Manhattan’s elite.

“Men are late bloomers; I got to know myself better after turning 30. After the show ended, it took a while to process what happened and what we all went through.”

We don’t know a lot about the reboot just yet, but creator Josh Schwartz has already squashed the rumours that the show will follow Nate, Chuck, Serena, Blair and Dan’s kids.

“We ain’t that old, Jesus! Come on. We’re not that old,” he said.

Crawford, who I can’t help but refer to as “Archibald”, shared a similar sentiment, revealing that the revival of the show “made [him] feel old” because they’re “already remaking” his show.

I don’t care what anyone wants to say. Nate was the OG babe of Gossip Girl. Chuck was a bad boy, but if we could revive any character from the show, I’m glad it’d be Nate Archibald.

Although I’m a little sad that the GG reboot isn’t following in the footsteps of Gilmore Girls and keeping an original cast, hopefully the revival doesn’t disappoint.

The reboot is set to air on HBO Max in the US next year. We’re not quite sure when Aussie viewers will get it, but we’ll be sure to keep you updated as soon as we’ve got the deets.

Image: Gossip Girl