YES, CHEF: The First Celebrity MasterChef Trailer Is Here And I’m Crying In Rebecca Gibney

Usually I couldn’t care less about celebrity editions of popular reality TV shows. However, there are two exceptions to this rule: Survivor and MasterChef, the latter of which I only just added to the list when I saw MATT LE NEVEZ on the lineup for Celebrity MasterChef 2021.

Channel 10 announced Celebrity MasterChef in May, but didn’t reveal the cast until June. There are ten celebs in total and compared to other celebrity casts on reality TV shows, this line up is pretty solid. So from the celebs to the premiere date, here’s everything we know about Celebrity MasterChef so far.

Is there a Celebrity MasterChef trailer?

There sure is! Voila:

When will Celebrity MasterChef premiere in Australia?

Goooooooood question. Well, we know it’s coming out this year because Channel 10 said so… but when? I don’t know.

The network hasn’t announced an official release date just yet, but we’ll keep you updated.

In the meantime, please enjoy these celebratory pics the cast took after filming wrapped.

Who’s judging?

MasterChef just wouldn’t be MasterChef these days without our three beloved judges Melissa LeongJock Zonfrillo, and Andy Allen. The trio will return to host the celebrity edition of the series, because what would be the point without them?

Who is competing on Celebrity MasterChef?

Nick Riewoldt 

Even if you don’t follow AFL at all (me) there’s a very good chance you’ll recognise the AFL legend and Fox Footy presenter. If I can, you can. That is all.

I know I should’ve picked a picture with Nick Riewoldt‘s face, but this photo is SO CUTE.

I miss the days when I could stand on the kitchen table and nobody would judge me for it.

Rebecca Gibney 

The Gold Logie winner is best known for her work in Packed To The Rafters, Halifax, and Wanted. Rebecca Gibney is no stranger to the big or small screen, so I’m sure she’ll be great (and wholesome) talent.

This is me if I ever got cast on MasterChef, by the way.

Matt Le Nevez 

Next up is Matt Le Nevez, who I still think about often since his character’s UNTIMELY DEATH on Offspring yonks ago. Le Nevez starred as Patrick Reid in the beloved series… until he didn’t, leaving a hole in my heart so big it hasn’t closed up yet. It has been literal years – I was still in high school. I cried so hard that night my teacher pulled me aside the next day because she was that concerned about me.

Anyway, Le Nevez is alive and well and will be appearing on Celebrity MasterChef as himself and not Patrick. Must get that through my head.

The actor, whose more recent titles include Amazon Prime’s Absentia, doesn’t have Instagram. So, here’s a picture that he posted on his Twitter.

Definitely not Patrick Reid anymore.

Dami Im 

Will singer Dami Im go far in Celebrity MasterChef? LOOK, she could go either way. She loves cooking… but sometimes things don’t go to plan.

I’m cackling.

Also, if Dami is robbed of a win on Celebrity MasterChef like she was at the 2016 Eurovision final then we riot at dawn.

Ian Thorpe 

THORPEY, THORPEDO – I had his face on my bedroom wall when I thought I could be a swimmer. I was extremely wrong.

Chrissie Swan

Author, reality TV star, radio host, comedian Chrissie Swan has done it all. She also has great taste in mugs.

Archie Thompson

Archie Thompson has absolutely conquered the football field – he holds the record for most goals scored by a player in an international match – and now he’s going after the coveted title of Celebrity MasterChef.

Adore this picture and caption combo.

Tilly Ramsay 

Matilda, or Tilly Ramsay is the daughter of one Gordon Ramsay, celebrated chef and man who likes to drop a good fuck here and there.

The telly presenter has appeared as a guest on The F Word and Hell’s Kitchen, so she’s absolutely no stranger to cooking shows.

Tilly will probably win this, won’t she?

Dilruk Jayasinha

Dilruk Jayasinha competed on Channel 10’s other show, I’m a Celeb… last year, but he’s back and hungry for a win. The Logie winning comedian and actor CRACKS ME UP, so I am extremely keen to see him in the MasterChef kitchen.

I’ve been laughing at this for too long.

Collette Dinnigan

And last, but not least, is renowned fashion and interior designer Collette Dinnigan. I smellll a dark horse. 

Celebrity MasterChef is coming soon to Channel 10 and 10 play on demand.