Content Warning: This story makes reference to multiple instances of murder.

The source of all our haunting nightmares is dropping four new episodes based on the infamous Zodiac and you bet we’re tuning in — even if it means sleeping with one eye open.

The first ep has just dropped on their website and streaming platforms.

The synopsis of the episode sets the scene for a bone-chilling first hour and 22 minutes.

“During the 1960s, California saw a wave of senseless, unsolved slayings. Cab driver Ray Davis was murdered in cold blood after an anonymous killer warned of his intentions.

“Two young couples – Robert Domingos and Linda Edwards, and Johnny and Joyce Swindle – were gunned down in separate yet similar attacks.

“Popular college student Cheri Jo Bates was killed after leaving a campus library late at night.

“Each attack was different, yet there were common threads throughout.

“Were they the work of multiple culprits – or one of the most notorious serial killers in US history, the Zodiac?”


It appears the series has been in the works for a while after an innocuous post on Casefile’s Reddit page appeared six months ago asking if the podcast would ever consider tackling the Zodiac mystery.

The subreddit has 45,000 followers so perhaps they did listen to their audience?

Would Casefile ever tackle the Zodiac Killer? from Casefile

The Zodiac made posthumous headlines late last year when cold case investigators thought they’d figured out the killer’s identity.

According to the Case Breakers, a team of over 40 detectives, journalists, and military intelligence officers, the Zodiac Killer was a man named Gary Francis Poste, who died in 2018. Poste painted homes for four decades and served in the Air Force.

However, The San Francisco Police Department said they were unable to speak about potential Zodiac suspects and that there’s still an ongoing investigation.

Enter: Casefile.

Casefile is world-renowned for their ability to present info in such a way that it actually makes sense and doesn’t feel like a horrible mess of clues.

Even us casual listeners can put our Sherlock Holmes investigator hats on while we melt into the couch.

The Zodiac eps will be hosted by Casefile’s famous anonymous host whose identity is the biggest mystery of them all.

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