A New Podcast About The Zodiac Killer Is En Route So 2019 Already Rules

Simply because there are not enough podcasts out there to feed the demanding crave to know everything we can about serial killers and cold cases and murders and cults and every facet of the underbelly of life and society, a new podcast series about the Zodiac Killer is premiering in early 2019.

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Monster: The Zodiac Killer is set to be a 15-episode series detailing the story of the serial killer from the late 60s who meticulously stalked his victims in the Northern California region, and also sent cryptic messages and codes to local police and media. The Zodiac Killer has never been caught, and is regarded one of the most famous unresolved cases in history.

It’ll be narrated by Matt Frederick, who you might recognise from the Stuff You Should Know podcast, and Atlanta Monster‘s Payne Lindsay steps into the executive producer role, also lending his voice from time to time.

Monster: The Zodiac Killer has already released a two-minute trailer which features a re-creation of one of the notes the Zodiac sent to the media some 50 years ago, which is about 500 levels of deeply creepy and no thank you very much.

You’ll be able to binge the first two episodes through the iHeartRadio Podcast Network on January 4th (it’s airing on Jan 3 in the US) and each episode will be released weekly after that.

Will we come to the conclusion that the Zodiac Killer is Ted Cruz? Who bloody knows.

Until then, you’re going to have to squirm through Christmas and New Year listening to this two-min sneak peek below, and rewatching the very-good 2007 Jake Gyllenhaal film, ZodiacCould be worse I guess.

If you’re still hungry for more cold cases and weird goings-on from history, check out our All Aussie Mystery Hour podcast on Spotify or iTunes, or tune in below.