Caroline Calloway Is Releasing A Book Called ‘Scammer’ And I’m Having An Aneurysm

Writer, artist, and all-around Instagram entity Caroline Calloway has announced she has two books on the way, one of which is entitled Scammer.

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On her website, Calloway said she hopes the “slim, soft-cover turquoise volume” will “make a pretty object that you can hug and display and cherish, while also giving you an escape hatch from your life, like all good authors do.”


Describing her motivations for penning the thing, Calloway said “On Instagram you can disappear into the coziness of my writing voice, but only for so long.

“Captions are done in a hot sec. With SCAMMER we can finally hang out interrupted.”

The book is now available for pre-order, and is slated to ship in mid-February.

If you know Calloway’s backstory, your brain is likely thrumming with respect for the audacity of the whole situation.

To some, Calloway is known as one of the first content creators to enmesh confessional storytelling with Instagram, garnering an enormous and ardent audience in the process.

To others, she’s the jet-setting uni student who reportedly exploded her US$500,000 (AU$723,000) book deal before pivoting to ill-fated creativity workshops.

Those workshops sparked accusations Calloway was an actual scammer, not just an amateur event organiser. Calloway has denied the accusations, and has long worked to repurpose the claim.

“Exactly one year ago today I went viral as a scam,” Calloway wrote in one of today’s book announcement posts.

As for the second book she has planned? Well, that’s And We Were Like, which shares a title with the memoir manuscript she never turned in as part of the aforementioned six-figure deal.

There’s a lot going on here. If you need more context for the situation, we recommend immersing yourself in Calloway’s Instagram page. It’s a lot, but as the imminent release of Scammer proves, that’s the point.