Controversial Instagram influencer Caroline Calloway has admitted in a lengthy Instagram post that she made $100k ($130k AUD) from OnlyFans, and used the money to pay back the book deal money she infamously pulled the plug on.

In the post she wrote:

Guess how much I owe @flatiron_books ? ZERO DOLLARS. NOT A SINGLE PENNY. AFTER LIVING FOR FIVE YEARS WITH A GIANT SIX-FIGURE DEBT HANGING OVER MY HEAD THAT I THOUGHT I’D NEVER BE ABLE TO GET OUT OF, it’s done. The original, fairytale, everything-is-champagne-and-black-tie-balls book deal has been put to rest forever. And OnlyFans was how I did it.

On that note, I’m quitting OnlyFans. Not today, not this moment. But soon. Now that my own financial situation is less dire than it once was, I think the argument that I (and other Internet personalities) leave OnlyFans for the sex workers who “need the money more” is more valid.

Colloway then goes on to say it was unfair for people to criticise her for joining OnlyFans, when they didn’t know her financial situation behind the scenes.

She also explained that now she has paid back her debt, she will be leaving OnlyFans, so she isn’t taking up space in an industry that “is so marginalised”, *cough* Bella Thorne *cough*.

So who is Caroline Calloway and why does she have all this debt?

She rose to fame after building a huge following on Instagram by posting long captions, she called ‘memoirs’. Off the back of the success of her memoirs, she signed a $500,000 USD book deal. She then said ‘fuck that’ and pulled the plug on it, which caused her to rack up a $100,000 grand debt (USD).

Calloway also organised a bunch of bizarre creativity workshops where she charged $230 for them to kind-of meet her (?) talk about creativity (??) and eat salad (???) I don’t know, but whatever it was this leaked email about the workshop explains how chaotic the whole thing was.

But the thing that arguably made her the most famous was a ‘fued’ with her ghost-writer Natalie Beach. In a viral essay published by Beach, she tells the story of their intoxicating friendship, and provides a glimpse into Calloway’s psyche.

Anyway all that backstory aside, at least Caroline paid back her book deal.