The Byron Baes Salaries Just Leaked Online & It Looks Like The Cast Will Be Stocking Up On Gems

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Everyone’s absolutely bloody frothing at the mouth over the wild-ass drama being spun on Netflix’s freshly released docuseries Byron Baes.

Set in Byron Bay (obvs), the series follows a gang of influencers as they mix and mingle amongst each other and, naturally, a whole heap of drama unfolds.

After being introduced to the world upon its release on Netflix a few nights back, folks have been rather curious about how much the cast got paid.

And lucky for us thirsty fans, a coupla loose-lipped influencers spilled the tea in a recent interview.

Speaking to The Daily Telegraph, ex The Bachelor star Nathan Favro admitted he was paid “handsomely” to appear on the show.

“We were paid handsomely, Netflix look after you,” he said.

Influencer Jade Kevin Foster agreed with this statement, adding: “They were very generous.”

It comes after someone claiming to be a production source alleged that cast members copped $500 a day.

“Talent were all paid the same out-of-pocket expense to appear on the show, which was less than $500 a day to cover off work and living costs,” the insider told Daily Mail Australia.

Neither Nathan nor Jade confirmed whether or not that sum was accurate but if it is, then I reckon that’s pretty damn sweet!

Especially when you compare it to how much reality stars are paid for other shows like Nathan’s former reality series The Bachelor and Elias Black‘s Love Island.

We once wrote a yarn which ranked reality shows by how much it paid its contestants and The Bachelor was at the absolute bottom of the barrel.

An anonymous ex-contestant told News Corp that “you don’t get paid a wage as such, you get given a weekly expense allowance which is under $100 a day. It is below minimum wage.”

“It’s ridiculous what you get paid. A lot of the girls were excited to get that amount a week, but I was like ‘are you serious I wouldn’t get out of bed for that,’” they claimed.

As for MAFS, which is currently airing on Nine, Domenica Calarca bitched about the pay sitch during her recent appearance on The Kyle & Jackie O Show.

When the hosts probed her about dollarydoos, she admitted that her salary was “about minimum wage”.

“Look, even Dion [Giannarelli] said there wasn’t even enough to cover his rent,” she added.

“It’s enough to cover your rent, living expenses, etc. Because when you live [on the show] everything is taken care of.

“You don’t have to pay anything. That’s about maybe like an average salary, I’d say.”

Want more specific figures? Well, according to MAFS Season 5 contestant Telv Williams, the brides and grooms are paid $150 per day.

So compared to that, I reckon the Byron Baes cast are getting a pretty sweet deal!

Byron Baes is out now on Netflix.