BUCKLE UP: Kate McKinnon Joins ‘Magic School Bus’ Reboot As Ms. Frizzle

Perfect casting doesn’t exi–

Comedy queen and SNL star Kate McKinnon has joined Netflix‘s revival of iconic 90s series ‘The Magic School Bus‘ as the voice of the eccentric, lovable, lizard-friend Ms Frizzle, and we are screaming, tbqh with you.

Netflix is rebooting the franchise with ‘The Magic School Bus Rides Again‘, with the series slated to air later this year.

In the original series, Ms Frizzle was voiced by none other than Lily Tomlin, earning her several Emmy nominations and a win to boot. Obviously McKinnon – the ‘Ghostbusters‘ star and occasional Hillary Clinton impersonator – is the perfect person to follow in such shoes.

We wait with baited breath for the eventual trailer.

Photo: PBS.