Check Out Kate McKinnon And Aidy Bryant’s Weird New Web Series ‘Notary Publix’

I assume that you all are like me in the sense that you are all regular human beings, and that as regular human beings you can never have enough of Kate McKinnon in your lives. To live, after all, is to laugh. And to laugh is to adore everything Kate McKinnon does, for she is a freaking genius.

If the amount of time she gets on Saturday Night Live isn’t enough for you – hint: any less than 100% is not enough – then this ought to please.
A batshit-nuts web series-within-a-web series has reared its head by the title of Notary Publix – a wildly over-the-top 80s US soap opera style show about a pair of notary publics and their vicious rival, also a notary public, who is out to sabotage them at every step.
The series stars Kate McKinnon and Aidy Bryant who play actors Ashlaheigh Braun-Samuels and Sissa Macarren who play notary publix Gina Fra Diavolo and Erin Oatmeal.
It’s delightfully over-the-top and perfectly fucking weird and will absolutely no doubt draw inevitable comparisons to Garth Merenghi’s Darkplace.
What does it all mean? Where is it all going? Who knows. Who cares. This is a real, real, real, real good time.