Three BTS Tour Buses Among Seven Vehicles Involved In Taiwan Motor Accident

The members of world renowned boy band BTS are reportedly safe after three of their tour buses were involved in a seven-vehicle motor accident in Taiwan, according to the Taiwan News.

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The buses containing the seven singers of BTS were leaving the Taoyuan International Baseball Stadium after a concert in Taiwan when there was a “minor collision.”

The lads reportedly boarded their tour buses at the stadium and had just gotten onto the expressway to head back to their hotel when the collision occurred but thankfully no injuries were reported, according to tour organiser Live Nation.

The collision involved at least seven vehicles, including three of BTS’ tour buses and several taxis and smaller cars.

There aren’t many reported details on what caused the crash but Taiwan News maintained that a car several vehicles ahead of the tour bus stopped suddenly, causing all the other vehicles to brake and crash into one another.

BTS’ agency Big Hit Entertainment told Soompi in a statement: “After BTS finished their concert in Taiwan and were on their way to their lodgings, the artist car had a minor collision. None of the members have any injuries and they got back to their lodgings safely, so there are no issues with their schedule.”

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