Even more former colleagues of supreme MAFS dickhead Bryce Ruthven have shed light on what he was like before the series, and folks, it’s not pretty. In particular, he was apparently glad about all the drama he caused before this season went to air.

The So Dramatic! podcast spoke to three of Bryce’s former work colleagues, and they basically confirmed the impression we all had, adding a few extra juicy tidbits.

“The limit just does not exist when it comes to colleagues of Bryce wanting to expose him,” host Megan Pustetto said, and for that, we’re very grateful.

Here’s what they had to say.

First up was someone from the hit104.7 radio station in Canberra, where Bryce used to work.

“When I spoke to Bryce prior to the show starting, he was gloating about be the centre and cause of some of the biggest fights on the show,” they told the So Dramatic! podcast.

“His head was already big before the show had even aired. He openly told people that he was going on Married At First Sight, even though he was still with a girl at the time and he was proud of it. It was so bizarre.

“There was a lot of juice flowing around Canberra before filming even started.”

Another former colleague said that Bryce would often bag out his previous girlfriend Courtney in front of the office.

“Bryce would regularly make comments to our office about Courtney’s appearance, back in the early days when they first started going out,” they said.

“He said he hated her hair colour, he wanted her to dye it blonde, and he would complain about the gap in her front teeth.”

Luckily Megan Pustetto jumped in: “This Courtney girl for the record, if you haven’t seen the photos that I posted on Instagram, is absolutely stunning. Way above Bryce’s standards. Although, I mean, there really isn’t any woman in Australia who isn’t.”

The final source was a mate of one of Bryce’s former colleagues. This person said that apparently Bryce was a pain to work with and that at least one person moved jobs to get away from him.

“Nobody’s who’s worked with him seems to actually like him,” they told the podcast. Yikes.

So there you have it, more confirmation that we were right about Bryce.

It’ll be very interesting to see what’s in store for him after MAFS.