Looks Like Bryce’s D-Grade Celeb Mate Straight-Up Unfriended Him After That MAFS Clusterfuck


Former Big Brother contestant Jason Roses is absolutely distancing himself from his mate (???) and Married At First Sight villain, Bryce Ruthven, after last night’s DRAMATIC truth episode.

Before we get into it, can I just say that Jason Roses’ recap of last night’s MAFS episode is KISSY FINGERS? Please watch his Instagram Stories immediately before they expire.

I mean, this picture is everything.


@ all of us watching Bryce this season.

The gist is that during last night’s episode, Bryce took Melissa Rawson home to Canberra to meet his mates, which included Jason. Standard stuff, really, but Melissa was on a mission.

ICYMI: Bryce has been battling ~ alleged secret girlfriend ~ rumours since the beginning, so Melissa wasted no time getting to the bottom of it.

While Bryce was at the bar getting drinks, Melissa asked his mates: “Is there any truth to his girlfriend rumour?”

The friends didn’t give much away, but when Melissa and Bryce left, the mates turned to each other and quite literally had a goss sesh on national TV.

“Do you think he’s lied to her?” one of them asked.

“Yeah, no doubt.”

And then one of the friends – I think her name was Elly – said: “Because the gift thing is true.”


The gift thing is from when Rebecca Zemek claimed that Bryce told her he was buying a gift for his ~ alleged secret girlfriend ~ back in Canberra, which he has since vehemently denied.

“Wow, so someone [Bryce’s mate] who calls him still to this day a very good friend just said on national TV, ‘The gift thing is real’,” Jason shared on Instagram. “This is what I just saw and witnessed with my own eyes.”

Jason also reshared an Instagram Story in which someone called him Bryce’s “*ex friend”.

“After watching, from what I’ve seen, I absolutely – my heart breaks for Melissa, based on what I’ve seen, because there’s only so much I can or can’t say,” he concluded.

If you’re wondering if Bryce and Jason are still mates –  well, ME TOO. According to So Dramatic!, Jason publicly defriended the flog on his Insta Stories after last night’s episode, but then he deleted the slide!

MAFS Australia continues tonight 7.30pm on Channel 9.

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