Brooke Blurton Hits Back At Claims She’s A “Fake Lesbian” For Dating Her New BF

brooke blurton fake lesbian

Bachie‘ fave Brooke Blurton has addressed claims from viewers that she’s a “fake lesbian“, after she revealed she’s now dating a bloke post-‘Bachelor in Paradise‘.

In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, Blurton said that many commenters had questioned her sexuality – and her motives for pursuing Alex Nation on ‘Paradise’.

I have been called a fake lesbian quite often and people say I pick and choose whether I am going to be with men or women depending on the circumstance.

I have genuinely had two girlfriends in my life and I was with both of them for a substantial amount of time and I have also been with men. But I don’t put myself in the bisexual box.

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People generalise and expect me to look like a dyke or a dude. There’s that stigma around what people think I should look like.

I knew I was attracted to women from quite a young age. I didn’t have a coming-out party, but I have always been very open with my family and friends.

Blurton left ‘Paradise’ after Nation chose to pursue a relationship with a male contestant instead, but she’s said she probably rushed the decision to try to find love on another reality show so soon after participating in Nick Cummins‘ season of ‘The Bachelor’.

Now she’s with a guy who she says she’s known for six years, and good for her.

It’s fairly weird that in the year of our lord 2019, we’re still demanding our public figures put themselves into the “gay” or “straight” box. Are we still really buying into the bullshit about bisexuality being “fake”? And are we so unevolved that we can’t deal with someone refusing to label their sexuality?

Let Brooke love who she loves, nerds! Jeez!