Britney Spears’ Choreographer Is No Shit Hosting A Brit-Themed Dance Class Next Month

Fact number 1: Britney Spears is undisputedly one of the greatest pop dancers of our time. Fact number 2: Her music videos contain some of the most iconic choreography known to (wo)man. Fact number 3: We’ve all secretly attempted to master her hair-flippin’, booty-poppin’ moves (unsuccessfully, in most cases).

If you’ve been nodding your head in agreement to these above facts, then I have some superb news: Britney Spears’ former choreographer is bringing a Brit-themed dance class to your living room. It’s time to work, bitch.

Choreographer Zae Northy, who has worked with Britney on a number of projects, will be hosting two virtual classes based on Brit’s nostalgic dances from the past coupla decades.

The dance-off takes place on Saturday May 23rd, with the beginner class kicking off at 6PM AEST and the intermediate/advanced class at 7PM AEST.

“Work up a sweat to a mix of the best Britney jams from the 00’s until now,” the event description reads,.

“Whether you’re a lifelong dancer or a two-left-feet newbie, these classes are for all ages and all levels so bring all the sass!” You had me at sass.

Tickets are 15 bucks, but the Britney moves you’ll acquire from this class (and subsequently be able to whip out at a house party after 7 tequila shots) will be priceless, I’m sure.

For more info, and to book those blessed tickies, head on over to the event’s page here. My bussy is popping in anticipation. Hold it against me.