Britney Spears is a precious gift and we are absolutely not worthy of her, whether she is casually setting fire to her home gym or treating her fans to impromptu Instagram fashion shows.

Overnight, she really took things to the next level, updating the cover art of her 2016 album Glory to an all new and extremely horny image, seemingly in celebration of its chart resurgence.

The original album featured a close-cropped photo of her face, lit from behind, but fans who slid into the Glory hole overnight found something new on all major streaming services.

The album now features a photo of Britney Spears reclining in the middle of a desert landscape, in a revealing gold one-piece, with a heavy chain underneath her.

The new cover, which appears on Spotify, iTunes and other services, reportedly uses an image from a scrapped David LaChapelle photo shoot. We have no choice but to Stan.

The change only seems to apply to the standard edition of the album and not the deluxe, which still features the old cover art.

At the time Glory came out, there was a Change.Org petition calling for the cover art to be scrapped, as it was not representative of the music Britney Spears was putting out, so I guess we got our wish!

Glory recently hit number one on the iTunes chart as a result of a fan campaign, and Brit thanked her loyal followers in a video, saying she was having the “best day ever”.