A QLD Influencer Was Mass-Reported To The Cops After Her Followers Thought She Broke Lockdown


A TikTok influencer has gone off at her followers after she was repeatedly reported to the police for breaching lockdown restrictions, even though she said she absolutely did not.

So, Brissy TikTok influencer Anna Paul posted a daily vlog this week of herself going to the dentist, having some Korean BBQ for lunch and some hot cakes, plus a trip to JB Hi-Fi, and so on and so forth.

The thing is parts of south-east Queensland went into a three-day lockdown on July 31, which was later extended to Sunday, August 8.

In the comments section of her TikTok, Anna wrote: “This was before lockdown pls [crying emoji] I don’t think any of these places are even open during lockdown guys [tear emoji].


a plastic pen for $200 🥸 WHAT AHAH #vlog #dailyvlog

♬ original sound – Anna Paul

But that didn’t stop some of her 632,000 followers from calling the cops and reporting her for breaching restrictions, even though Anna said her TikTok was filmed before lockdown hit.

“Stupid TikTok haters called the police on me and the police rocked up at my house today to ask me questions about where I had been,” Anna said in her latest vlog.

“Brisbane is in lockdown and I posted a TikTok vlog yesterday, like I do every day. It was recorded two days before lockdown, I went to the dentist, I went to Topgolf, I even commented on the video yesterday, like ‘Don’t worry guys, this was before lockdown’. But absolute fucking idiots called the police, like ‘Excuse me, I would like to report Anna Paul. She’s at Topgolf right now!’”

Anna said the police received so many reports that they had to go and question her in person.

“Places like Topgolf aren’t even open during lockdown, how am I there if it’s lockdown? Like fuck. And you just called the cops, you didn’t even think.”

Anna concluded: “Anyway, I won eight grand on my first day of lockdown and you were busy calling the police on somebody who was at home.”


Dont call me the police on again pls you’re wasting their time 😩😩 #vlog #dailyvlog

♬ original sound – Anna Paul

It sounds like this – calling cops on TikTokers – isn’t uncommon, either. A couple of people in the comments, with sizeable followings, claimed they’ve been falsely reported to the police as well.

What an absolute timeline we’re in, hey?