A Bondi Influencer Had The Cops Called On Her After She Posted A Throwback From Jervis Bay

Dominique Elissa

Bondi influencer Dominique Elissa claims to have had the cops called on her after she posted a throwback shot from Jervis Bay, because a couple of Karens in the comments immediately assumed it meant she was flouting the Greater Sydney lockdown.

The 26-year-old model and blogger – who has over 230,000 followers on Insta alone – had posted a pic on Thursday which was taken in Jervis Bay. Apparently, this caused some of her followers to tip off the cops.

“I just wanted to jump on here because the weirdest thing just happened,” Elissa said in a new TikTok about the whole debacle, posted on Monday.

“Two police rocked up at our house and needed to check that I was here because they’ve gotten multiple complaints from people saying that I’m in Jervis Bay.

“I posted a throwback a few days ago and I’m literally in so much shock that people went to the extent to call the police.


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The photo itself didn’t have have any explicit mentions that it was a throwback (what happened to #tbt?!) but Elissa claims her posts before and after the Jervis Bay pic prove that she’s been staying put in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, in line with the lockdown restrictions which prevent Sydneysiders from travelling more than 10km away from home.

“I have been posting that I’m in Bondi every single day walking,” she said in the TikTok.

“But yeah, thank you for your concerns.”

That being said… Elissa didn’t actually elaborate on when exactly she was down in Jervis Bay. After all, it’s not an overly-long drive from Sydney.

A bit of additional clarification might alleviate the concerns of those followers.

Or maybe they could just mind their own business.