A wonderful delight of the 2020 awards season has been Brad Pitt actually winning awards, and his deliciously self-deprecating acceptance speeches. After leaving the crowd in stitches at the SAG Awards, Brad’s referenced his fairly new bachelor life in another speech, but this time delivered by Margot Robbie.

Brad picked up the Best Supporting Actor gong at the BAFTAs this year for his work in ‘One Upon A Time In Hollywood’, and instead of just passing on his thanks through with a pre-recorded video, or to the award’s presenter (Scarlett Johannson in this case), he got our Margot Robbie to accept the award.

He almost one-upped his own SAG Awards speech with the level of hilarious self-owning, immediately opening with a joke about Brexit and the UK “joining the club” of divorcees, once again nodding at his split from Angelina Jolie late last year.

Brad also noted in his speech that he was going to name his trophy “Harry”, because he’s excited to take it back to the U.S, knowing FULL WELL that Kate Middleton and Prince William were sitting front and centre at the awards.

WOOF the S H A D E.

There’s something bloody perfect about it being delivered by an Aussie, because there’s no doubt that we’ve got the whole self-deprecation thing on lock. Hearing Margot’s candour and perfect minimal-faff delivery of Brad Pitt’s speech is everything, truly.

Check it out below, it’s just so good.

Margot Robbie ad-libbing in that she was also thankful for the costume department’s “oh-so tight jeans” is such a mood, and 100% a sentiment shared by everyone who’s in any way attracted to Brad Pitt. The man’s maturing like a fine red wine, how could you not?

Can 2020 be the year that Brad Pitt takes home a bunch of awards, if only so we can hear his acceptance speeches and how far he can go with taking the piss out of himself? Please and thank you.

Image: Twitter / BBC