Bow Wow’s Private Jet Stitch-Up Is Being Roasted By The #BowWowChallenge

Bow Wow is copping the public roasting he deserves, after being caught out lying on Instagram that he was flying in a private jet.

The initial memes were all a bit of good fun, but this story has evolved into the #BowWowChallenge, which will become clear in a moment. It’s at once both a reflection on our deep desire to present our most desirable selves on social media, and some damn creative sledging.

Bow Wow has yet to make a public statement on his worldwide owning, but remains active on social media to promote ‘Growing Up Hip Hop‘ – which, if you remember, is what he was doing when he flew commercial in the first place. Gotta meet those contractual obligations, y’know?

Photo: Bow Wow / Instagram; Al Khee / Twitter.