Bow Wow Posted A Vid Of Fans ‘Chasing’ Him And Twitter Has Called Total BS

The saying goes “buy the ticket, take the ride.” After Bow Wow’s latest shenanigans, we’re pretty sure that counts for economy class, too. 

After famously flexing next to ‘his’ private jet and subsequently being sprung on a commercial flight, the rapper has once again posted some questionable content on social media. 

This time, the bloke born Shad Moss can be seen running from a stampede of mad fans in Charlotte, North Carolina. The footage is, well, Bieber-esque.

The visuals are so full-on that punters have speculated as to their legitimacy – including a representative from the goddamn City of Charlotte itself.

Elsewhere, the roasting at the potential stitch-up has been relentless. Viewers have been fluctuating between a mix of annoyance to embarrassment, and even some shades of pity.

After the flight debacle, the bloke essentially admitted on radio that it was all a gee-up to promote his new show Growing Up Hip Hop ATL, so there really is every possibility this falls into the same category of social media shit-stirring.

And if it is? It’s actually been bloody successful.

Source and photo: Shad Moss / Instagram.