‘Bob’s Burgers’ Season Six Will Feature Some Great Guest Stars

Bob’s Burgers has stealthily become one of the best comedies on television – it occupied the coveted number nine spot on our own list of favourite shows of 2014 – and the show’s recent Comic Con panel revealed a number of details about the upcoming season.
Not least among these – the fact that there’s an upcoming cook book tie-in on the way. Holy shit. This means we may finally be able to create the We’re Here, Were Gruyere, Get Used To It and Paranormal Pepper-Jack-Tivity burgers at home! 
Then there are the guest stars. So many guest stars! When a fan asked creator Loren Bouchard if any big names would be coming to the show, he replied that there are quite a few talents lined up.
One of the more high-profile is Paul Rudd who, according to Bouchard, will voice Tina’s imaginary horse friend, Jericho, in an upcoming episode where she finally gets to ride a horse for the first time.
Henry Winkler of Arrested Development will also appear, as will Steve Buschemi, who has previously done voice work in the likes of Monsters Inc, and comedian Wanda Sykes.
Last, and perhaps most excitingly, it seems like the three key cast members of Flight Of The Conchords Jermaine Clement, Bret McKenzie and Rhys Darby – are set to appear.
It’s not clear if they’ll all be in the same episode, but it will definitely be a fond reunion, given that Bob’s cast members Kristen Schaal and Eugene Mirman both appeared on Conchords.
The show’s sixth season is scheduled to begin at the end of September this year.
You can watch some of the Bob’s Comic Con panel here:
And some more here: