Bloke Scores Dream Job With This Sick ‘Bob’s Burgers’ / ‘Archer’ Crossover

Fan-made tributes are generally a hit-or-miss situation. They’re either fantastic or a complete bloody train wreck. There’s no middle ground. Ever. 

Welsh animator, Simon Chong, falls into the former, recently sharing a cracking side project he had been working on for some time via Twitter. The video was so good, it scored him his dream job. 
Chong created a Bob’s Burgers / Archer crossover cartoon using various audio clips from the Archer series while drawing and animating the visuals himself. 
He says the inspiration for the project came from the Archer episode in which Sterling is an amnesiac living as Bob Belcher who is completely unaware that he’s being hunted by Russian spies. 
The clip shows the entire ISIS crew stumbling across Bob’s restaurant, allowing both sets of characters to interact fluidly and with an incredible attention to detail.
Check it out below. The crossover intro is nothing short of fucking art, man. 
It took Chong seven months to create the clip, but it was clearly worth the hard work. The Bob’s Burgers team caught wind of the project and were completely blown away by it. The show’s creator, Loren Bouchard was so impressed, he offered the animator a job.

Hell yeah! There’s no official word on how that employment opportunity is going, but given the enthusiasm, I’d wager that Chong will be all over it. 
Photo: Bob’s Burgers.